All Doctors and Gynaecologists are good. They have completed more than 10 yrs of training, toil and hard work to be eligible practice gynecology. However like in every field, some are more skilled and some are less.

Rest assured you will be in safe hands with most.

While considering the gynecologist best suited you for you, you should consider someone who fulfills the following criteria

  1. Proximity to your residence is the most important point, this will allow less travel in pregnancy, can visit fast in case of labor pains, leaking of fluid or any untoward complication (God forbid). Always think and check first the ‘gynecologist near me‘ to avoid efforts in traveling.
  2. Is the Gynecologist available round the clock? Availability is important or at least some junior doctor available at the hospital/nursing home in case of the Gynecologist’s absence.
  3. Is the doctor available on the phone? During pregnancy there are numerous symptoms that worry the lady. A good gynecologist should be able to solve most of them on call
  4. Doctor with own hospital – Preferable. Check out the best maternity hospital in Borivali.
  5. Skills and experience – Preferably a gynecologist with a 3 yr MD/ DNB course from a reputed college.
  6. How much time can the doctor allot to you? –Hi, profile doctors are very busy and not able to give you adequate time and hear you out. The doctor listening to the patient and alleviating any fears and apprehension is of utmost importance in pregnancy. A gynecologist, who sees 100 patients a day but gives you very little time, may not be the best for you.
  7. Practice Area – There are numerous domains itself in gynecology practice like obstetrics, gynecology, Laparoscopic surgery, infertility. Some gynecologists may see more delivery and routine patients, some are more into Laparoscopic surgery, and others are involved in infertility. So depending upon your case you decide the doctor.

Considering all these above factors if you stay in the northern part of Mumbai from (Dahisar, Borivali, Kandivali area ) Would recommend – Dr. Deepika Doshi at Dhanvantari Hospital – Borivali. Gold medal gynecologist and Laparoscopic surgeon She gives you time is available to solve minor queries on call and has her own hospital.

Hope this helps !