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D and C

D and C,D&C (Dilation and Curettage) in Borivali, Mumbai - Dhanvantari Hospital

D & C

A Dilation and curettage also called D and C, is a procedure that involves dilating or opening the cervix. The cervix is the opening to your uterus. After dilating your cervix, the doctor uses a spoon-shaped object called a curette to remove tissue from the inner lining of your uterus. Dr. Deepika Doshi is the d&c doctor in Borivali.

When are D and C required?

  • As a part of Abortion / Termination of pregnancy
  • To find out the cause Heavy bleeding in women or Abnormal uterine bleeding.
  • Treatment of Heavy Bleeding in certain cases
  • To remove material retained tissue bits after abortion or placenta fragments after childbirth
  • To diagnose or treat growths such as fibroids, polyps, hormonal imbalances, or uterine cancer.
  • Removal of infected tissue in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • To remove an intrauterine device (IUD), which is a form of birth control

How do I prepare for a D and C?

Empty stomach on the day of the surgery.

You may have to visit d&c doctor in Borivali at Dhanvantari hospital a day before so they can apply a gel to start the process of opening your cervix.

What is the procedure for a D and C?

Anesthesia – The procedure can be completed by general, spinal or local anesthesia after evaluation on case to case bases as decided by Dr. Deepika Doshi.


A D&C involves two main steps:

After the effect of anesthesia is started

  • Dilation: It involves widening the cervix to allow the insertion of an instrument. Medication or gel before the procedure softens the cervix and cause it to widen. Your doctor dilates the cervix by inserting a series of rods into your cervical opening. Each rod is a little thicker than the one before it.
  • Curettage: After dilating the cervix, your doctor inserts a spoon-shaped device called a curette and draws the sides of the device along the lining of the uterus Curettage involves scraping the lining and removing uterine contents. The curated sample is sent to a histopathology laboratory for evaluation.
    The doctor may also use a cannula to suction any remaining contents from the uterus Sometimes other procedures are performed along with a D&C. For example, your doctor may insert a slender device to which the camera is attached to view the inside of the uterus (called hysteroscopy). It may be used to remove a polyp or fibroid.

After a D&C, there are possible side effects and risks. Common side effects include: Cramping
Spotting, light bleeding

Complications of a D and C?

This is a very low-risk procedure because it’s minimally invasive. However, any surgical procedure has some potential dangers. These may include severe pain, infection, fever, chills, foul-smelling discharge.

However, the complication rate is minimum under the gynecologist Dr. Deepika Doshi, d&c doctor in Borivali at Dhanvantari Hospital.