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Pregnancy FAQ'S

What diet should I take in pregnancy?

You can take your usual diet veg or non-veg as you prefer. Dal, roti rice, all fruits (except papaya) yoghurt, vegetable nuts dry fruits, eggs, chicken, meat .You should ideally avoid sea food as there are chances of allergic reactions. Milk and milk products in good proportion and a balanced diet.

Should a Pregnant mothers eat for two?

Since the requirements of the pregnant mothers increase, she is supposed to eat a little extra, about 350 kcals more. What the pregnant mother actually needs is a well-balanced nutritious diet that consists of all the food groups, so that it fulfils the needs of all the nutrients adequately. Pregnancy is not about eating for two but eating a balanced diet.

Do pregnant mothers really crave for pickles and ice cream?

Particular food cravings like may occur. The thing is that women who crave for pickles are actually craving for salt. Additional minerals are particularly important in pregnancy. Similarly, pregnant mothers who crave for junk foods such as ice cream do so because junk food is associated with comfort. Sugar found in sweet foods cause the body to produce serotonin, which makes the mother feel good.

In Which position should I sleep?

You can sleep on any of the side, avoid sleeping on the back for too long   as it reduces the circulation to the uterus.

I find it difficult to fall asleep

You may try a shower, drink warm milk if you like, read a book. If you can try sleeping in reclined position by using pillows under your head and shoulder

Can I exercise?

You can go for a walk as much as you want for 30-45 mins.. If you are doing yoga, you may do it. Continue exercises which are safe in pregnancy, do not start any new exercises in pregnancy.

What are the common symptoms in pregnancy?

  • Headache
  • Feeling Feverish,
  • Backache,
  • Leg cramps
  • Pelvic pain
  • Tiredness, fatigue
  • Feeling exhausted.

All these symptoms are very common in pregnancy. You can take a tablet of crocin if needed. Heating bag, balm to relieve some pain.

Can I bend down/ sit on the floor?

Yes, you can but avoid lifting heavy weight.

Can frequent touching or minor injury over the tummy harm the baby?

Your baby is well protected in your womb and is cushioned from minor bumps and falls by the amniotic fluid in which s/he floats. Also the abdominal fat protect the baby from any minor accidents. However, if you experience cramps or vaginal bleeding after injury see your doctor immediately.

Can I cook near the gas cooktop?

Yes however avoid much heat near the belly.

Nausea and vomiting, what should I do?

This is normal, avoid eating spicy food. If nausea is severe consult your doctor for anti-emetics.

My belly is too big / too small or I am not gaining weight

Your doctor will let you know if your baby growth is not in the normal range, everyone is different and each pregnancy is different.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

It is better to avoid bike, auto rickshaw and avoid long car journey on bad roads. You can travel safely by train.

Can I take a flight?

It is perfectly safe to fly once in a while if your delivery date is more than six weeks away. Passing through X ray scan at airport security will also not affect your baby. If your flight is a long one, just move around a bit and stretch your legs.

What should I know about the baby’s movements?

You will start feeling baby’s moment at the end of fifth month. Moments are more at sixth and seventh month and may reduce competitively in the later months. If you are extremely worried about your baby’s movements, try to keep a count once in a while. As long as you feel 10 movements over a twelve -hour period, you have no cause for worry. Unless you are actually counting, you might miss a few movements leading to unwarranted fears. In eight and ninth month you should feel the movements intermittently, about 4-5 movements after meal. Babies also sleep for some time .If you feel less moments, you should eat something and lie down on one side preferably left or sit in an easy chair and keep watch on movements. If they are still less movements you should consult the doctor

Is epidural harmful ?

Epidural anesthesia is Safe.  It helps you have a painless delivery. Paralysis or permanent backache occurring after epidural is a myth.

How will I know that I am in labor?

True labor pains will be backache with lower abdominal pain similar to menstrual cramps associated with uterine contractions that is tightening of abdomen. It will come intermittently at regular intervals. It will progressively increase in its frequency intensity and duration. It may be associated with reddish vaginal discharge. You can wait till you are certain about the progress of pains that is pain is coming at the interval of 5 to 7 minutes and then go to the hospital. If you have rupture of membranes or leaking that is sudden passage of Clearwater you vagina discharge in excess is in excessive amount or intermittently in small amount you should consult the doctor without waiting for the labor pains.

The frequency of contractions for false labor pains will be irregular. Falls pains will not get progressively stronger and me in fact we can and disappear after sometime.

pregnancy faqs